Corporate wellness for teams

Your team is busy. Kickoff empowers you to keep them healthy and fit on their schedule.

Group fitness classes

More than a workout - bring your team closer together with remote group fitness classes!

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Personal training for your employees

We meet your employees wherever they are in their wellness, matching each person to precisely the right support for them.


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Learn how Kickoff can help your organization achieve its health and wellness goals.

Corporate Wellness FAQ

Are there discounts for corporate teams?
Yes! Kickoff will offer ongoing discounts off retail cost to our corporate partners. Please reach out to get more details.

Can our company provide a subsidy for Kickoff?
Yes! Corporate partners can optionally subsidize a portion of the monthly cost for their employees.

Can employees use HSA dollars to cover Kickoff?
Yes! Employees can use their HSA accounts to pay for Kickoff. A primary care physician is required to prescribe exercise to their client for this to be eligible.